Backpacks and Cameradojo See more at cameradojo

  • Choosing the right equipment for your outdoor photography
  • A backpack that can store a lot of things, including your laptop
  • An online photography school that offers reviews about the best backpacks for photography hobby

If you’re a photographer who digs the outdoors, taking pictures of wildlife creatures and spending a lot of time in some remote areas, you certainly need a tool that allows you to survive in these extreme situations, like a backpack.

Now, Cameradojo, is not just your typical photography shop that offers conventional tools such as cameras, they also have other equipment as well such as backpacks. As in the case of Think Tank Photo Accelerator Phantom 2 Backpack (for more of these backpacks, see more at cameradojo).

This backpack has it all. If you are in some trouble before dealing with the zipper of your backpack right in the middle of your hiking, you don’t have to worry anymore with Cameradojo’s Think Tank Photo Accelerator Phantom 2 Backpac because its zippers are durable.

On the inside, it has so many pockets capable of storing tools and props needed for your outdoor photography. These Think Tank Phantom backpacks are your ultimate companion out there. See more at cameradojo their collection of backpacks that can aid your photo shoots and photo sessions.

Don’t leave without checking their list of backpack collections. See more at cameradojo a variety of colorful backpacks that fit your style or personality. You can store just about everything inside that Phantom 2 backpack.

Gift ideas for photographers? How about a backpack from Camedojo today? This is exactly what you need to buy for your photographer friend who is in the hunt for a backpack of his photography gadgets. Visit Cameradojo right now, and scour some reviews about the best backpacks for your cameras and other gadgets.

Shooting outdoor scenes requires energy, no less. So aside from having these backpacks from cameradojo, you might want to consider buying some supplements as well for you to keep up with the shooting. And if you get with, always make sure you have these iherb coupon codes with you. That’ll make you buying much easier.

You can read a review about this Think Tank Photo Accelerator Phantom 2 Backpack before cashing in on this equipment. You can be assured that your outdoor photography will have its necessary boost if you can use this Phantom 2 Backpack with you. See more at cameradojo the best backpacks that you can use for your photography.

Wedding and Workflows in Review —— wedding photographers workflow reviews

  • Reviews you need to read for your wedding photos
  • Editing your photos the right way through these tips from these reviews online
  • Great wedding photos discussed through these reviews

We are way past June, but the wedding bells are still ringing. Isn’t it amazing? Today, still, is a perfect day to tie the knot. But in order to make this occasion special, you need to check first these wedding photographers workflow reviews.


If you’re a photographer, you might want to consider creating artsy wedding photos. Besides, it is not something that is so hard to do, with so many self-help tutorials around when it comes to editing wedding photos; you may be able to find the right mix for you to produce these types of wedding pictures, like these wedding photographers workflow reviews online.

A workflow enables you to edit your photographs like a professional does. There’s system to it, a procedure whereby you can edit your photos in steps, like there’s some sort of level to it, of which you can get from these wedding photographers workflow reviews.

Learning from the masters is a privilege. Getting an insight into the mind of a seasoned artist is something you can’t get on a daily basis, but with these wedding photographers workflow reviews, that’s a regular staple, to start with.

You can handle your editing without pressure, without worrying what type of effects or motif you want with these wedding photographers workflow reviews.

So you need to start checking in on these reviews through this link,, and develop a system that allows you to produce tons of stunning photos in the process. No more of these schemes that doesn’t even make your wedding images interesting to look at, these wedding photographer workflow reviews offers more than meets the eye.

That Guide to Writing Resumes

  • Using a sample guide when writing a resume
  • Having an effective resume and application with some help from a sample guide
  • Resumes that click after writing it with a sample template

Applying for a job is no walk in the park. To a lesser or higher degree, there has to be some preparation along the way, from the time you think of a job to apply to the type of dress you need to don on the day of the interview.


And part of that preparation, though, is the making of your resume. Many times, however, you might be at a loss on how to deal with your resume because you don’t know how to write it, in the first place. But if you can have a resume sample guide with you, writing a good resume isn’t so difficult at all.

A resume sample guide allows you to emulate some of the things you can get in there. For one, it would be so easy now to write a resume that really stands out from the rest. Second, you can present yourself, though that resume, the skills and talents you have.

That’s two of the benefits you can get out of that resume sample guide. It’s good that you have some basis while writing your resume, so you can highlight your good points in a way that is enticing to your future employer. It isn’t wise if you don’t have a guide when writing a resume. Remember, you want to create an impression to your potential boss, and what better to do that than by writing a resume with some help from a resume sample guide.

You need some guide when writing a resume. Not that you are incapable of writing it, but that incorporate a design, at least from the perspective of presenting your skills and talents to the company you’re applying to. And a resume sample guide can come in handy all the time.

These Lightroom Wedding Presets via Sleeklens  

  • A collection of Lightroom presets for your wedding photos
  • Artsy, sophisticated presets for additional effect on your photos
  • A photo-enhancing app that has its own video tutorial

Sleeklens understands your wedding needs. With its varied collection of presets, you can be assured that your wedding pics will have the enhancement that it deserves.

Not just your ordinary online photography shop, Sleeklens covers every possible effect you can conceive with your photos. Its artsy, sophisticated wedding presets deliver that kind of enhancement not seen with what other online photo store can offer. Aside from its presets, though, Sleeklens also has brushes for those intricate photo editing.

But what makes this Sleeklens Lightroom preset for wedding so special? What makes these presets so popular when it comes to wedding photos?

It Brings Variety

With more than 100 presets to use for your wedding pictures, it would be quite impossible that you cannot create that desired effect you want with your wedding pics. It is safe to say, though, that with Sleeklens Lightroom preset for wedding, you are only limited by your imagination as far as editing goes. Every effect you can think of for your wedding pics, Sleeklens has a preset or a collection of presets for that.

Easy to Handle

As soon as you download a Sleeklens Lightroom preset for wedding, there is an accompanying video tutorial for it. Aside from its user-friendly tools, these video tutorials allow you to explore the many possibilities of using these presets for the enhancement of your photos. The element of experimentation is quite possible if you use these preset collections for your wedding pictures.

You need not worry at all with Sleeklens; they have been giving photographers and designers alike the tools for them to produce quality photos in the process. Checking out their collection online tells you how rich and varied they can give to your wedding photos. It is as if enhancing your pictures is as important as the wedding itself.

Lightroom and Your Wedding Pics

  • Free presets online for your wedding pics
  • Diversified presets to use for the enhancement of your wedding photos via Lightroom
  • Photo-editing app with a tutorial video for beginners

Your wedding pictures deserve something special. And one of the ways of making it special is by enhancing it with an equally special photo-editing tool. Yes, we are more or less talking about Lightroom.

Lightroom introduces presets for you to enhance your wedding photos. And these presets, by the way, can be downloaded free online. They are your solutions for you to come up with different effects for your wedding photos.


And since these presets Lightroom free are so accessible online, there is no reason for you to worry about improving the quality of your wedding pics. With over 100 presets to choose from, any effect, from black and white to HDR to vintage mode, is now a possibility out of the features that these presets Lightroom free can give to your photos.

So convenient are these presets Lightroom free in that there is an accompanying video tutorial as soon as you download it. This will help beginners on how to navigate its tools for the enhancement of their wedding pics. No need to seek some help from a professional photographer because these tools are user-friendly.

Aside from its tutorial video, these presets Lightroom free have that added bonus in the form of brushes, for you to edit in detail. Lightroom, needless to say, is making your photo editing a lot easier than you can imagine.

Download these presets Lightroom free now and make your wedding photos more beautiful than it already is. Make your wedding experience more meaningful this time by enhancing the color and texture of your wedding pics. And make them a notch higher than the rest of these wedding pics online.

On Architecture and Architectural Photography

  • Photo editing tools that create 3D effects on your designs and sketches
  • Free, downloadable Photoshop actions for architecture
  • More dynamic images through Photoshop actions

If you are an architect and you want to enhance your sketches and designs, you might want to consider Photoshop actions from now on. Gone are those days when you just present lifeless designs that doesn’t even perk up the imagination of your clients. With Photoshop actions, though, you get to present your drawings and sketches in a dynamic manner.

Architect Photoshop actions come with a variety of tools, but most of these tools do have one thing in common, and that is, they create drawings that accentuate your presentations and would make your clients interested in your project.

Using Photoshop actions brings a different dimension to your photos. And this is an entirely new dimension as far as architecture goes, because now architects can enhance their images, sketches, designs in a way that improves their profession. These photo-enhancing apps are redesigning the world of architecture that practitioners are encouraged to use it, all for their advantage.


Architect Photoshop actions differ from other photo editing solutions because it makes way for those 3D effects, quite unheard of in architecture many years back. So this gives architects the opportunity to enhance their designs in an interactive way.

Photoshop actions allow architects to enhance the saturation and even the color of their designs. Creating that 3D effect on it increases the depth of your designs that your clients will be able to follow through with great ease.

So it is safe to say that these architect Photoshop actions are the next best thing when it comes to architectural photography. This is increasing the level of making blueprints for those architectural designs that were not possible as far as architecture goes.

Needless to say, this is the app if you’re the kind of architect who is looking to enhance your presentation to your clients. If you want to get their time-honored approval on your project, then this is the solution for you. Download this Photoshop action now and come up with designs that perk up their imagination as well.

What Lightroom is All About

LR44We all know what Lightroom, we know that it is a powerful post processing tool created by Adobe. But do we really understand what Lightroom is all about? Or are we just using it plainly for photo editing purposes?

In this article, we will talk about why did it become famous, the advantages and disadvantages, and other things that will help you better understand the program.

When Adobe has launched its first beta Lightroom version, there were photographers who got curious, although bugs and other issues were expected at that time, hundreds of photographers bought the beta version. In 2007, Adobe decided to relaunch the product and fix all the bugs and issues so that it will give comfort and convenience to professional photographers. One of the things that most users like about the program are Lightroom presets, or the filtered images that can be easily applied to one or more images at once.

Adobe Lightroom has its own strengths and weaknesses, it is also far from being a replacement of Adobe Photoshop. The good thing about Adobe is that they made it clear to their users that Lightroom is different from Photoshop although there are some similarities within their interface. Today, I can say that Adobe has fulfilled its goals, and that is to provide assistance to photographers to help them simplified and speed up their workflow.

Today, in Lightroom 6.3, the program can now execute several editing tasks such as organizing images, creating Lightrom presets, slideshows and more. Moreover, Adobe has fixed some issues and improved the facial recognition features, import and export, and merging of HDR and Panorama images. Also, with Adobe’s creative cloud services, users can now experience the best editing controls within Lightroom mobile and web application.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out Lightroom for your images and see the big difference not just in the image outcome, but in terms of saving a lot of time, money and effort.

Your Precious Photos with Adobe Presets

The arrival of Adobe Lightroom Presets sets out a chain of good things for photography in general. This is now the age where photo enhancing is no longer an art perfected by its usual guardians, professional photographers, but ordinary photo users as well can now enjoy the beauty of producing a beautiful picture through the help of these photo apps such as Adobe Lightroom presets.

Ph1Photo enhancing is so accessible nowadays that you don’t need to out of your homes just to seek the help of a professional as far as improving the texture of your photos. Let these presets for Adobe-big list turn your photo concerns into photo options for the development of your photo images.

Imagine yourself at a loss on how to deal with your old photos. You wanted them to use, to present them with a more modern take, say, incorporating that sepia preset with that of a light leak. That is giving your old photos a twist so that viewers can appreciate your old photos with a different feel.

This is where these presets for Adobe-big list comes in. With it, you can invent ways to present your photos according to your style and need. If you are into fashion, these Adobe presents will give you enough design effects for your clothes and outfits, quite a cool way to advertise your products to your clients.

And the good thing about these presets is you can download it online. No sweat but with real results, and generating more clients in return.

You might not notice it, but if you can present your photos on your business page or website through the aid of these presets for Adobe-big list, you can assured that your regular customers will be enticed to buy more of your products out of the quality and credibility of the photos you posted online.

So don’t waste time now and have these Adobe presets as the secret behind the success of your business. You need not worry on how to navigate its tools because it is so easy to use (check out its tutorial), in the same way that there are a hundred presets at its disposal for you to choose from for the enhancement of your precious photos.

Exploring Adobe Lightroom Web and Mobile

r3As we are all aware of, Lightroom can be purchased in two different methods. The first one is to buy the standalone and perpetual license, with a one time payment price. The second method is to subscribe to Adobe’s creative cloud service plans. With this method, you are obliged to pay a monthly fee of $9.99 a month or more, depends on what CC plans you want to get. Subscribing to creative cloud plans allows you to use some of the best programs of Adobe such as Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom web and mobile app.
However, with the presence and release of Adobe’s creative cloud, it gains a lot of complaints, intrigues and issues since most professional photographers, graphic and web artists, painters, architects and artists are used to buy the standalone version of Lightroom. Creative cloud subscribers are also provided with free professional Lightroom presets upgrades and updates.

Unlike in Photoshop where there is no need for mobile and web application since it requires huge storage space for it to work, Lightroom announced the release of its web and mobile application. So, in this article, we will explore the features and services offered by Lightroom web and mobile.

UPDATE: Lightroom mobile application is now available for IOS and Android operating system. Updated system is required for you to use the application.

  • Lightroom web and mobile helps you sync your images to and from your smartphone, tablets and other devices.
  • The Lightroom mobile application doesn’t require huge storage space since it will only take almost 20MB of your space.
  • Lightroom mobile contains 36 built in filtered images or professional Lightroom presets. It can still be applied to one or more images at once.
  • Lightroom mobile automatically stores images in one collection.
  • Lightroom mobile can also add keywords and metadata.


Photographers and Photoshop Actions

Photographers are a special breed of people. They bring excitement, they bring joy, and they bring a completely new experience, a completely new feeling out of the uniqueness of their photos. Every time they deliver the goods, it never fails to leave a smile on someone else’s face. Their photos can light up everyone just by simply looking at their wares (photos).

ps1But when Photoshop actions arrived on the scene, their work is enhanced even further, what with the tools Photoshop can bring to an already superb photo image. This photo-enhancing app not only makes things easy for them, but it also gives them so many options as far as improving the look of their photo images.

In an age where improvements can be done with just a single click or press from a computer, these free Photoshop actions for photographers lead the pack. By its very term “action”, your static images will present itself in a dynamic way, resembling that of a moving image.

This is now the in thing when it comes to photo enhancing.  And you can download the app online, free, no hassles whatsoever, and it is easy to use. Many photographers now are using it because it is quick, convenient, enabling them to do more work in so short a time.

Also, the idea of storing these same photos in folders with Photoshop actions is a convenient way of keeping these pictures for future use instead of filing them the old fashion style.  This makes photographers specialists in their own right because they now have the tools to give you something special even from an ordinary photo.